Vail to be called Windows 7 Home Server

Lacie Windows 7 Home Server

On display at CES is the LaCie 5Big Backup Server featured in the Windows PC showcase, but instead oh having v1 of Windows Home Server installed upon it this one has Windows 7 Home Server.

Windows 7 Home Server

A Microsoft representative also confirmed to website "i started something" that Windows 7 Home Server was indeed the official name for the next version of WHS known as codename “Vail”.

UPDATE: Fellow MVP Andrew Edney has informed me that it was a printing mistake, so it looks like a Microsoft rep has got it totally wrong!

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  1. Fred says:

    Given the issues, I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be called Windows 8 Home Server (implying the time it will take to get to the quality of WHS V1)

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