Using Dropbox with Vail


Mashable.com has some ideas for using  the popular sync app Dropbox and one of their tips is for those techno Gods amongst you ion how to use Dropbox with Vail using a feature in Vail called RemoteApp:

Basically it allows you to launch a self-contained streaming instance of an application that is installed on the server and delivered via a remote desktop session where you only see the app on the client side.

…it can be run one of two ways: via an RDP file, or taking it a step further, using an MSI installer package which makes it look like the app is installed on the local machine, complete with file associations. You can also run multiple instances from multiple remote locations at the same time. This is particularly cool for special file types like PSD’s where it may not be convenient or possible to install the app on the remote machine.

More details are available from here.

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