A Happy Happy New Year


On behalf of MSWHS.com Happy New Year to you all and it’s a great day too because Microsoft have re-awarded me for another year as an MVP for Windows Home Server – Thanks guys, and we hope 2011 brings everything you wish for this year everyone.

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  1. TheBeagle says:

    I likewise wish you and yours a Blessed, Prosperous and Happy New Year.

    Unfortunately, for those of us (I believe most of us) who were counting on Vail to brighten our compter systems, this new year will not be very happy, since Microsoft has apparently decided that WHS users are not important enough to matter in their (M$) future development plans. I specifically refer to the withdrawal of Drive Extender from the WHS product group.

    Indeed, M$’s actions border on treachery. They sucked us all into their WHS web and then dropped the floor out from under us. They name streets after people like that – they call them “One Way.” I, for one, will never forget that treachery!

  2. Ifham khan says:

    Happy new year all of you

  3. David says:

    Congrats on the re-newal Phill.

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