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MediaSmart Server

Its with sad news that I pass on the information that HP will no longer be producing a MediaSmart Server.

Earlier this month I was told of this information (under a non disclosure agreement) from Allan Buckner, the Marketing Manager for the Home Server Group at HP. Allan explained that since HP acquired Palm for $1.2 Billion back in April, that they will now be putting their efforts into the Palm webOS operating system.

With the Home Server Group already transferred to the Palm Global Business Unit to help with future development of the webOS, HP will no longer be producing a MediaSmart Server for either WHS v1 or Windows Home Server "Vail". This is sad news as I have always recommended the EX490 and EX495 HP MediaSmart’s, as in my opinion they are one of the best hardware solutions out there for Home Server, and I am sure that the next generation would have been too.

Unfortunately once existing stock dries up there will be no more MediaSmart’s, although stock should be plentiful for the holiday season, so if you do want to purchase one, made sure you do so now.

You may also be aware that the HP StorageWorks Data Vaults are also based on the same hardware as the MediaSmart, and we have been told that the X310 models (X311/X312 and X315) will also cease along with the X510 models (although HP StorageWorks will continue to develop products for the HP “Just Right IT” portfolio of offerings designed for micro and small businesses).  Stock should continue to be made available at least throughout December and January 2011 in their respective English, French, Spanish and German versions. Potential customers should be able to purchase these units at very attractive prices as  resellers are now keen to clear their stocks in preparation for the next generation WHS devices.

This also means that there will be no further software updates for the range. but if a security update was needed in the future then an update would be made available. Naturally HP will continue to support the X510 with a three-year limited warranty on hardware and three-year technical support warranty on software and a one-year limited warranty for the X300 Data Vault and MediaSmart.

HP were the main vender for Windows Home Server hardware and it’s a shame that looking forward they will not be supporting Windows Home server “Vail” – Farewell MediaSmart we loved you!

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  1. After this week, I am 100% certain that WHS is dead. With Microsoft’s announcement of the killing of the new WHS book today, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to fall — the announcement that “Vail” has been discountinued.

  2. Personally I liked the hardware but didn’t like the hacked in addon software, I’m not surprised they are pulling out, still the HP Microserver does make a solid base if they did want to offer VAIL or something like it on the open market.

  3. Michael says:

    I have been a solid HP user since WHS first came out. I have bought three units over the years and recommended the product to anyone with a need. I personally feel that HP is making a huge mistake in their decision and I hope they come to their senses soon.

    As for Vail… I fully support it and I think it will be a great product. Like v1 I think Vail will get a lot of people’s attention.

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