Configure Windows Home Server as a Domain Controller

Writer "Lantern" explains how to configure Windows Home Server as a domain controller.

Domain Controller Manage Your Server

By going step by step through Lantern’s 20 step process you will be able to add your client computers to the domain controller finally creating a domain network.

You can read Configuring Windows Home Server as a Domain Controller here.

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  1. diehard says:

    You can just start tying typing “dcpromo” in Start/Run to get the wizard going. But with this method above,you will run into a lot of problems. Installing SYSVOL will slow down your server to a cwrawl if you put that on your C drive because it disables disk caching. Also you will notice your User passwords won’t work because the Security levels on DA are higher, also some services were turned off and some ports were not included in the review. For more details, check out this artice, http://wiki.wegotserved.com/index.php?title=Setup_Active_Directory_On_Windows_Home_Server

  2. jdog says:

    Installing the DC role is also against the eula…

  3. Gmail hack says:

    @diehard thanks for giving information .

  4. Chewie says:


    I really don’t think anyone cares about violating the EULA on WHS…Does anyone think Microsoft is going to seriously target a home user who wants to play around with AD, DC, DNS, DHCP, etc on a home server setup???

    • jdog says:


      I know that and you do to. It’s just fun sometimes to get poke at the cage. I’ve had AD and Exchange running on WHS and it works fine…

  5. Naresh says:

    quation to setup AD on home server?

    so windows server 2003 install on top of windows home server computer is that right?

    please advice

    • diehard says:

      The other way around, WHS is built on top of Server 2003.

      • Naresh says:

        thank you for email.
        so install server 2003 and then on top of home server is that right?

        • Mike ... says:

          WHS is a modified version of Server 2003. It has been modified and a Desktop Control Panel has been created to administer the WHS. It is not designed to have a monitor and keyboard hook directly to it as so you could access the actual desktop of server 2003. A home made from scratch allows to access the desktop. HP for example is setup for you to only access the Contol Panel via a browser over the network giving you very limited control over the server. This is by design. They are many features in 2003 that have been modified and so only the feature set in the new Control Panel are supported.

          So in essence WHS sits on top of Server 2003 which are 1 in the same.

          Hope this helps…

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