Add-In: Feedsource for Windows Home Server

Friend Sam Wood of Tentacle Software have started a new closed beta for Feedsource for Windows Home Server, an add-in for version 1 users (not Vail).

Feedsource RSS Feed

The add-in publishes RSS feeds for your Shared Folders through the Remote Access web site, allowing authorized users to access the Feedsource RSS feeds from inside or outside your home network, using any RSS reader that supports authenticated feeds, to view the latest changes in your Shared Folders.

Feedsource RSS Share Feed

The key features of Feedsource for Windows Home Server include:

  • Authenticated RSS feeds for Shared Folders that show create, delete, rename, and change events for files and directories
  • Automatic integration with the Remote Access web site to view feeds from outside your network with no extra port-forwarding or configuration
  • Simple setup through the Windows Home Server Console
  • Secure authentication and authorization using SSL and existing Windows Home Server access controls

Feedsource Settings

Sam has given us the following examples of the cool possibilities he see’s for Feedsource feeds:

  • Automatically notify your whole family when a new movie is ripped to the server, instead of tracking them all down one by one and telling them
  • Use the feed for the “Videos” share as a “still to watch” list
  • Know when your kids save their homework to the server for you to review when you’re away on business
  • Let everyone know when you add another set of pictures to your baby album

Feedsource Item Settings

To participate in the initial closed CTP beta, just contact Sam with your name and the version number of the RSS reader which you plan to use. But hurry as the beta period will be short with a public beta release due before Christmas.

Feedsource will be available as a fully-featured 30-day trial, and will retail for US$10.

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