TwonkyServer 6.0.28

Version 6.0.28 of TwonkyServer for XP/Vista/Windows 7 and of course WHS users is now available.

This latest version includes the following fixes:

  • TMS-Rescan set to specific number of minutes is not working properly
  • Add custom DLNA profile for MKV to improve interop with certain clients
  • CDS contains duplicate resource entries with same resolution in one item
  • Clear logs options does not produce desired results
  • BMP and GIF files are not getting displayed on PS3(Unsupported data error is coming)
  • Some Configuration Page Options Not Translated for Nederlands Language
  • Error messages when viewing large JPG files on a Sony PS3
  • Username and the selected checkbox is not saved for PhotoBucket
  • Media feeds are not visible on MAC.
  • Duplicates listed in HTML Media Browser
  • sleep mode not working on DNS-323 for 6.0
  • Aggregation/Mirroring issues with TwonkyServer 6.0 on Linux
  • 64 bit server issues
  • strange behaviour in FLASH GUI when showing photos
  • Language resource file not read on big endian devices
  • XBOX only list first 329 songs while more than that are shared on TMS
  • Auto-rescan does not work properly
  • proxy resolves YouTube URL up to 15 times when streaming one video
  • TMS fails to launch when its executed from directory path containing Japanese or other unicode strings
  • DSM 323: Twonky gets killed right after start
  • Javascript error in html template
  • FLAC Transcoding on Linux in 6.0/6.0.1
  • Server enters sleep mode when scanning for more than 15 minutes

The download plus documentation are available from here.

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  1. Mike P says:

    Will this work on the HP Mediasmart, as an update to the Twonky included from HP?

  2. diehard says:

    no, I have been trying to get this going. The only version that does not break the MediaSmart version is 5.1.6 but you need to purchase a license.

  3. TFJ says:

    Hi…anyone knows how to enable the video transcoding options i Twonkey 6.0.28. Running on Win 7??

    There seems to be no documentation on the transcoding feature??

  4. Catalin says:

    Me too, I would like to know how to enable the transcode options on Windows 7.

    Please e-mail me: Catalin.Palade@gmail.com

  5. Sundip says:

    I too was looking for this but in the absence of any information by anyone including, surprisingly, Twonky themselves I have have installed a trial version of another application which seems to be doing the trick. Hopefully this will spur the Twonky people to respond.

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