Swapping the Case Fan in the Acer easyStore

If you are the owner of an Acer easyStore Home Server and have all 4 hard drive bays full then the temperature inside the case could be a little hot. One way of making things a little cooler is to replace the Acer’s case fan with a more efficient model which "Saxamo" from HomeServerLand did, resulting in a 10 degree drop in temperature.

easyStore Case Fan Swap

Saxamo’s guide has all the details on how to swop the Acer’s case fan, which you can find here.

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  1. Bob Crook says:

    Presumably this then invalidates your warranty. Wouldn’t it be simpler to look at the drives you have inside and question their contribution to the excess heat? Seems to me that most excess heat is caused by old hard drives and switching to newer and larger hard drives removes this as an issue.

  2. Sean Brady says:

    Nice blog posting!

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