DVBLink 3.2 Beta 3

If you would like to house tuner cards in your Windows Home Server than the DVBLink software from DVBLogic is the way to go as it makes these cards network aware.

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Currently the guys are releasing beta releases at the rate of one per week, with the current release being DVBLink 3.2 beta 3, here’s what’s new and fixed from beta 2:

– Fixed: DVBLink Server (sometimes) hangs up during service shutdown
– Fixed: DVBLink Server (sometimes) crashes during service shutdown
– Fixed: DVBLink Server (sometimes) crashes when closing server configuration utility (after switching tabs and configuring source(s))
– Added: ISO8859-2 default DVB codepage
– Fixed: parsing channel numbers from channel IDs in xmltv file
– Fixed: Dissapearing physical channel(s) after EPG source change. If you suffer from this issue (introduced in beta 2) you need to delete all DVBLik channels using DVBLink addin and synchronize them again.
– Added: Czech localization
– Added: adding epg data into the gaps (e.g. no data available gaps in already inserted epg data)
– Added: channels.xml template for xmltv epg source where time offset can be adjusted per channel. Also HDTV channel flag can be set there. File has to be added manually via editor – no user interface is available (yet).

DVBLink Server Network Pack
– Fixed: unreliable stream parameters detection on some UPnP players when playing back encrypted channels
– Fixed: occasional incorrect selection of audio track in UPnP server or web server

More details are available from here.

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