Add-In: Home Server SMART

The add-in Home Server SMART was updated to version on 2nd November 2010.

Home Server SMART enables you to monitor the health of your hard disks attached to WHS, by examining the SMART. data exposed by your disks.

Home Server SMART Main Window

The following bugs are addressed in this version:

  • The dreaded "WMI worker process has encountered an exception: not supported" is no more. The code and try/catch block that encountered this has been adjusted so if the error condition arises, it doesn’t prevent the disk list from being populated. I also checked for this condition and if it occurs, a more useful message is displayed.
  • Fixed the NullReferenceException that occurred when clicking on some disks.  Home Server SMART wrongly assumed all disks exposed every attribute (i.e. model, interface, partition count, etc.) and if a disk didn’t expose the attribute, then an error was displayed and any remaining data was not displayed.  The code now checks the validity of each item, and only invalid items are skipped.
  • Fixed the Capacity column sorting – if you click on the Capacity column, the disks sort in correct numeric order now!

More information on Home Server SMART are available from Dojo North Software.

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