DVBLogic 3.2 Beta 2

DVBLogic have released an update to their TVSource and Server Network Pack components for their tuner card/s in WHS solution.

Version 3.2 beta 2 includes the following changes from beta 1:

– Fixed: DVBLink MCE launcher not hidden sometimes
– Added: Channel numbers are taken from xmltv during EPG channel mapping
– Fixed: autopopulating program categories in Guide

DVBLink TVSource
– Added: custom script to run after each successful EPG data acquisition (postprocess.bat in DVBLink\EPG folder)
– Fixed: unreliable TeVii diseqc switch
– Corrected usage of "movie" attribute in EIT scanner. This caused absence of "Record series" button in MCE for a lot of programs.

DVBLink Server Network Pack
– Added: IPad streaming
– Fixed: language selection for IPhone/IPad streaming
– Added: language selection to UPnP server
– Added: possibility to disable web server authentication (it is disabled when user name is empty)
– Fixed: BSE EPG information not appearing via the web server
– Added: support for Samsung DLNA TVs
– Fixed: server hang-up when attempted to stream HD channels to IPhone/IPad. Server is not hanging anymore although streaming itself does not work. It will probably be not fixed also in the release version.

The download plus important installation/upgrade information is available from here.

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