Add-In: AVA Media for Windows Home Server

The CD/DVD ripping add-in for Windows Home Server users has had an update.

Version of AVA Media includes the following changes:

  • Added: Support for Nimbie NB11 DVD/Blu-ray media center copying.
  • Added: Event Handler functionality
  • Added: Mede8er meta-data storage.
  • Update: Dune interface improved.
  • Update: TViX interface improved.
  • Change: MetaData files moved to user customization
  • Fix: AnyDVD is now set to be silent to prevent popups during disc identification.

More details are available from here.

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  1. Lee Robinson says:

    I use version here, however the software always seems to add a log file to my server desktop. Why?
    i delete it each time but it re-appears if i add another music CD to teh library.
    would be good if it did not keep cluttering up my desktop!


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