TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.5

Version 5.1.5 of TwonkyMedia server for Windows Home Server is available for download

Here’s the release notes:


  • Add autodetection support for WMP11 when it is in player only mode
  • No longer starting ssdp server on local interface by default (Linux,Mac OS)
  • Added new client adaptation for Philips TVs
  • Improved interoperability to Samsung TV when streaming NTSC MPEG or MKV files

Bug fixes:

  • fixed: iTunes playlist import broken on Linux builds
  • fixed: Wrong "dc:date" values when the timezone offset from UTC is negative
  • fixed: That large files (> 2GB) not supported on Linux platforms
  • fixed: Twonky prevents HDD from going into standby/sleep on NAS
  • fixed: AAC scanner crashes on 64 bit Linux build
  • fixed: Windows installer fails to install upgrade if "Removable Media Support" is enabled
  • fixed: UCS/Latin1-based fonts starting from 0x00A0 not displayed correctly from ID3 tags
  • fixed: Server restarts automatically when language is changed
  • fixed: Pause not working on Samsung TV for mkv files
  • fixed: TMS hangs on files with extended characters in name
  • fixed: TMS device description XML not compliant with WLK tests
  • fixed: TwonkyMedia server 5.1.4 crashes when scanning certain mp4 files
  • fixed: Navigation tree not properly updated when changing metadata
  • fixed: Minor improvements on MP4 scanner
  • fixed: Some OGG audio files have 00:00 Time length

You can download version 5.1.5 of TwonkyMedia server for Windows Home Server from here.

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