HP X310 Easter Egg

The HP StorageWorks X310 has a hidden "Easter Egg" that allows you to change the order of the flashing drive LEDs.

To enable it you need to:

  1. Launch the Home Server Console by double clicking on the tray icon.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Shift keys and click on the picture of the computer next to the LED brightness control.
  3. The control changes to "HP Data Vault LED Light Show"

You can now select from the following light displays:

  • Default System Lights
  • Holiday Lights (perfect for this time of year)
  • Descending Chasers (in blue, red or purple)
  • Ascending Chasers (in blue, red or purple)
  • Pulsing (in all colors)
  • Night Rider (in all colors)
  • Morse Code Credits

HomeServerLand has also posted a video, which shows you the light display in action:


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  1. Bostoneric says:

    Just tried this on my ex485. totally works!!

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