TwonkyMedia Server 6.0 Beta

The first beta release of TwonkyMedia Server 6.0 is now available.

With the most important new feature being aggregation, here’s the release notes:

New in Version 6.0:

  • Aggregation of TMS and WMC servers
  • Auto update for PC versions
  • File system eventing support for MAC
  • Time seek support for MPEG, WMA and WMV content
  • Active connections info on status page
  • Animated tray icon on Win32
  • WPL playlists can contain URLs to Internet content (radio, pictures, video)
  • Can now handle albumart art that has the same file name as a music or video file, but file extension is jpg, e.g. mymovie.mpg can have albumart file mymovie.jpg (make sure than the scanner filter is set to video only)


  • Improved URLs with fixed schema for scaling
  • Improved playlist handling, enabled upload of wpl playlists

You can download beta 6.0 from here.

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