Installing TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.2 on the MediaSmart Server

One of our readers Thomas Schindler posted a comment to our "MediaSmart and Twonky Media – Still High CPU Issues" article, with a solution to the problem.

The latest update from HP for the Twonky Media Server is version 5.1.1 whilst the version from TwonkyMedia is 5.1.2 which rectifies the high CPU utilization issue.

Tom used this following simple fix to get version 5.1.2 onto his MediaSmart Server, which remains licensed:

  1. Go to the Twonky website and download the latest version of TwonkyMedia Server for WHS (5.1.2)
  2. Disable the TwonkyMediaServer via the WHS console
  3. Open the downloaded msi install file with winrar
  4. RDP to your WHS, open explorer and navigate to c:/twonkymedia
  5. Rename twonkymedia.exe and twonkymediaserver.exe (for future use, probably never needed again)
  6. Copy twonkymedia.exe and twonkymediaserver.exe from the msi-file to your WHS c:/twonkymedia
  7. Go to the console, settings, TwonkyMedia tab and under the Maintenance tab press the Rebuild database button
  8. Restart the twonky in the console
  9. Tataaaa, your done, WHS fixed!

Remark: as long as you only exchange the two exe files, the license that comes with the HP WHS does not complain.

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  1. I got a “you license has expired” message. Changeing the two files back again solved that.

    But on an unrelated issue I’m having big problems with Twonky and a LG BD390 which simply shutsdown when I try to play mkv files. Any one gotten twonky to work with this device?

  2. Jeffla says:

    I had the same problem, “your license has expired”

  3. Hielke says:

    “trail expired” in wmp

  4. JerryW says:


    I have an EX470 with the Lasts HP 3.0 software with all the latest patches, etc. and I tried this method and it worked fine. My kids have been streaming movies throughout the day. I have checked the console and see nothing. Stopped twonkymedia service and restarted, same result, I do not get this error message.

  5. carlos says:

    i am so lost can someone break this down for me lol..I already have the downloaded file what next?

  6. bryan says:

    I get the following in my log file, is anyone else seeing the same thing?
    LOG_SYSTEM: trial no valid user license found – disabling all plugins
    04/14/10 18:37:40:734 LOG_EVENTING:SystemUpdateID incremented to 1
    04/14/10 18:37:41:718 socket connect failed ip= errno=0

  7. Greg says:

    They have 5.1.4 on the Twonky website, but there is no Twonkymedia.exe – just a Twonkymediaserver.exe. What am I missing??

  8. Hi Greg,
    Twonkymediaserver.exe is what you need to install.

  9. Neff says:

    So you only need to install one file with 5.1.4 or 5.1.5?

    I’m assuming the new version 6 is a different kettle of fish as it no longer supports direct WHS integration?

  10. Mark says:

    I JUST read this AFTER i updated to 5.1.6…and now I get the trial expired jazz. I tried downgrading to 5.1.5 thru 5.1.1 (originally was 5.1.1) and I still have the problem. Am I completely screwed? Do I need to use HP recovery now to format my HP mediasmart and start from the beginning, or is there another remedy?

    What a pain.

  11. Joe says:

    I followed your steps exactly to upgrade version 5.1.1 to version TwonkyMedia 5.1.2. My CPU utilization had been 90-100%, and is not only 5-11%. The tricky part was figuring out how to get the Winrar extracted files from my Windows 7 desktop into my EX485 server. I placed the msi files in my desktop Shared Folders, and then Remoted in and accessed c:/twonkymedia. I was then able to drag the two msi files to my Remote c:\twonkymedia folder.

    Thanks for the great tip and instructions.

  12. Michael says:

    I downloaded the 5.1.6 update (http://www.twonkyforum.com/downloads/5.1.6/TwonkyMediaServerWHS.msi), and ran it via the add-ins folder on my 495. It upgraded the twonkymediaserver.exe file to the 5.1.6 version automatically. Is there a reason nobody else just ran the MSI file? Not trying to sound snarky, just curious if I did something bad.

    • Doug says:


      It’s been about 2 months since you performed the 5.1.6 upgrade – still working out? No 30-day trial expiration message?

      I rebuilt my box with an 80-gig scratch drive and performed the upgrade as well. And you are right, it worked. However, I don’t want to get hit with a 30-day expire and have to rebuild the system to get back to 5.1.1.


      • Eivind says:

        I tried patching to the 5.1.6 version via the add-in menu in the console. Im getting Trial expired on my xbox 360. im running a 490 freshly reinstalled mediasmart server and i was wondering if you could write a step by step list of what you did.

        • Eivind says:

          I still didnt get this to work. Im gonna write a list of what i did and you can have a look and see if you find anything wrong.

          – Did a system recovery on my ex490 mediasmart server
          – Downloaded the 5.1.6 version of Twonkymedia server
          – Put the msi file into the software/add-ins folder on the server
          – Tested that the 5.1.1 version worked on my xbox
          – Pressed the stop sharing button in the console
          – Just to be sure i went to the Twonkymedia settings and did a Reset to defaults
          – Went to the Add-ins and Available and pressed install on the Twonkymedia server
          – Reconnected to the console after installation was done and added a folder with .avi files that i worked before the update
          – Started up my Xbox and went to the video library
          – My server with TMS showed up but when i browse it it says that Trial expired

          Im grateful for your help

        • Ian says:

          Hi Doug,

          Can I just check that all is still ok and you had no 30 day trial issues please. If so and you can confirm the above I will follow these instructions and finally get twonky going again.

          many Thanks Ian.

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