Acer easyStore H340 for the Heavyweight Home User

The Acer easyStore H340 is taken a look at by reghardware who say its for the heavyweight home user, and they give it an impressive 75% rating.

Acer easyStore H340 System Information

So if you need a NAS solution which is built to withstand a tactical nuclear strike, holds four disks, has six expansion ports and interacts well with most popular devices, then keep your attention focused on Acer’s Easystore H340

You can read their 3 page review here

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  1. Robert says:

    It can only withstand a tactical nuclear strike? Nuts, I need one that can withstand a strategic nuclear strike. (What? My henchmen need server storage while I’m trying to take over countries.)

    Hopefully Acer can get one out in time for Vail to be released.

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