Turn Windows Home Server into a Small Business Server

"Turn Windows Home Server into a Small Business Server" is the title of an article on the Small Business Computing website.

IT consultant Ronald V. Pacchiano is surprised by the number of small business owners who do not use a server:

Most of them run their entire business from a handful of desktop and/or laptop computers. Why? They all say their business isn’t big enough to justify the expense of installing a small business Windows server.

Ronald continues:

..PCs configured in a peer-to-peer environment don’t provide much security or file management capability and can lead to questionable reliability or even data lost. A true network server does more than just provide centralized data storage. It also provides file and network security, increased reliability, remote access capabilities and even a unified backup solution.

Ronald recommends Windows Home Server and looks at some of the most important features that apply to small business owners.

This is a great read for any small/micro business owner, which you can read here.

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  1. Bob Crook says:

    Dear Business Owner,
    Before doing something like this please consider everything such as backup of the entire system, offsite backup as well as antivirus and security.

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