Free Cloud Backup for Comcast Customers

If you are a Comcast customer then you are now entitled to 2GB of cloud storage for FREE. This is their standard storage plan but for just $4.99 per month you can get 50GB or 200GB for just $9.99.

This is great pricing, now all we need is some Comcast subscribers to sign up for free and test if the installer works on Windows Home Server. The minimum system requirements are Windows 2000 and as WHS is based on Windows 2003 we should be good to go.

All you need for sign up is your Comcast.net email address and password and being that the storage space is provided by Mozy the quality should be excellent.

More details and signup are available from here.

Please Note: This offer is available to residential accounts only (non-commercial accounts).

Thanks to Bob Crook for the details.

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  1. BeLogical says:

    Tried to sign up but got an error:

    Error – Single Sign-On
    The subject does not exist in the data source(s)
    Please contact your system administrator for assistance regarding this error.
    Adapter: CIMALoginAdapter

  2. Bob Crook says:

    Web site was up only yesterday and needless to say there are obvious teething issues at the present time.

  3. Bob Crook says:

    Only available to non-commercial accounts.

  4. Mitch Gibbs says:

    It will install, but it won’t allow you to configure it. It sees it as being a server. Bummer…


  5. Jghake says:

    It wont let me install it either. I contacted support and this is what they have said.

    Thank you for contacting Comcast Secure Backup and Share Support.

    The requirement for Comcast Secure Backup and Share service currently is Windows 2000, XP (32 and 64 bit), Vista (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).

    I will put across your suggestion to our development team and once if I have an update I will let you know. The OS related support documents will be updated with the relevant information. Please let me know if you have any further queries.


    Comcast Secure Backup and Share Support

  6. vin says:

    All fine and well till you go over you 250gb monthly allowance of bandwidth and they pull the plug on you…..

  7. Todd says:

    There are a number of other cloud backup options for WHS that beat Comcast’s pricing. I have been using iDrive (http://www.idrive.com/) for a number of months and it is working great. The personal edition will install on WHS and you get 150GB for only $49.50 a year! I simply backup all of my connected desktops to my WHS server and iDrive takes care of backing up the server.

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