Add-In: DA Document Manager 2010 3.1.100

There is an update to you DA Document Manager 2010 add-in.

DA Document Manager WHS Console

Version 3.1.100 includes the following changes:

Client Connector

  • Fixed, Subcategories in the Workspace Form are still shown for all Categories when they are assigned to only one Category
  • Fixed, Archive Recovery fails if the archive title contains an illegal character (Tilde ~, Open Quote `, Plus +, Bar |, Ampersand &, Single Quote ‘)
  • Fixed, Under Search Documents; Advanced Options Group expansion setting is not remembered when the application is restarted
  • Fixed, Under Search Documents; Date Created does not display when clicking on Search Results in the Auto Fill Form box

WHS Add-in

  • Fixed, Add-in will display a popup error messages when trying to connect to the DA WebService if a user manually overrides the Default Website port
  • Fixed, Add-in does not allow the database web service connection port to be changed

The download is located here as well as a PDF User’s Guide.

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