EX490 EX495 X510 Server Recovery – The Easy Way

If you have one of the new EX490/495 MediaSmart Servers and have tried to do a system restore with it, you would have found out how difficult this can be.

The new MediaSmarts (including the DataVault X510) use a TFTP server to accomplish this task which has made the process more difficult compared to when doing it on the previous generations which used internal flash.

Thankfully diehard has come up with a simple server recovery process which uses an external bootable USB thumb drive. And all you need is an old EX470/475 to use its supplied discs and flash.

You can read the process here.

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  1. Ray says:

    Mr. Churchhill,
    I’m looking for the “EX490 EX495 X510 Server Recovery – The Easy Way” article and can not locate it, your link goes to a page that say it is no longer there. I have this issue and would like to see your article, can you assist me in locating it?

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