Add-In: WHS Mobile

Version of WHS Mobile is available which has a small update for those with iPhone’s . This won’t have any bearing on those that use Windows Mobile.

  • Fixes a bug that crashes the client when many files and folders are loaded into one parent folder. For many people, this was the music and/or photos shares.
  • Streaming certain mp3s that were being detected as the wrong bitrate, which is now fixed.

The update is available from the Apple App Store and a updated Console add-in is also been released

More details are available from here.

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  1. Johnny says:


    I am testing because I really need anti virus for my WHS as I am the lucky winner of worm.brontok.E on all of my systems. I am greatful for your efforst, but without the actually cleaning going on, all this does for me now is reiterates that I have a problem. Am I correct that there is currently no way to configure the tool to actually remove (or quarantine) infected files?

    As a side note, I have mounted all folders of my WHS on my desktop and I am running a customer Windows Security Essentials scan and clean this way, but I can’t get to the system folder which I am sure will be infected as well. Suggestions welcome.

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