Add-In: TimeTraveler for WHS 1.0

Time for a new Windows Home Server add-in for you.

TimeTraveler for WHS allows a WHS user to create roll-back points for changed files within any WHS Share.  Directly using the WHS Console, a user can select to roll-back a file/folder/Share to any point in time. 

Time Traveler for WHS

If you’ve ever lost data by accidently overwriting a file with a new version of the file or simply realized that an older version of a file contained more pertinent information then Time Traveler is for you.

TimeTraveler for WHS is available for £19.25 ($29.99) and a trial version is also available with the only limitation that it only allows a maximum of 25 rollback points.

More details are available from here.

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  1. Stefan says:


    what is the difference to Volume Shadow Copies build in Windows Server?

    Does anybody know if VSS works with PowerPack 3 on WHS?

    Best regards,


  2. Blaine D. says:

    I also wonder if Microsoft has fixed the VSS bug on multi-drive systems. And even if it has been fixed, does VSS account for deleted files? Or does this add-in, for that matter?

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