Exclusive: D-Link D-ViewCam Add-In for WHS 1.0.0.

D-Links most popular home security cameras can now be managed and accessed within the Windows Home Server console.

D-Link IP Camera

After a longer than usual install process (compared to other add-ins) the D-ViewCam add-in adds a D-Link IP Camera tab in the WHS console. Video and motion monitoring are recorded from D-Link security cameras directly to the server where users can configure the recording schedules and access recorded or streaming video from the home server using a web browser.

As well as this users can remotely access their IP surveillance system from any computer with Internet access. 

D-ViewCan WHS Mainscreen

As you can see four cameras can be viewed at once on a single screen.

At the current time the DCS-1100, DCS-1130, DCS-2121 and DCS-920 D-Link network camera models are compatible with the D-ViewCam add-in for Windows Home Server, although D-Link have stated that they are working on developing more D-Link devices which are WHS compatible

Steven Leonard, Microsoft Senior Product Manager for WHS had this to say:

We are pleased that D-Link is continuing to extend the value of Windows Home Server with the D-ViewCam Add-in, Windows Home Server provides a perfect platform for D-Link’s popular surveillance solutions, providing peace-of-mind for customers at home and in their business.

As well as the add-in D-Link are also providing a 65 page PDF User Manual which are all available from here.

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  1. TheJudge says:

    I’ve been using Linksys IP cams, but with this software integration and add-in for WHS…..that changes everything. Dlink is most likely my next camera(s) to buy next month!

    Nice workup!

  2. welchwerks says:

    Well i hope they dont skip over the DCS-910 (please dont forget it) i use DCS 910 on my WHS with mControl with limited success

  3. T-Bone says:

    is there anything new going on with this? I was hoping for a Pan tilt camera support.

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