EX490, EX495 and X510 Data Vault Patch Available

If you are an owner of the EX490, EX495 or the X510 Data Vault then there is an update waiting for you.

HP Software Updat 3.0 Patch1

The update addresses critical defects in the Home Server Console, the HP Media Collector as well as other critical defects. The patch includes updates for the Server as well as the Client computers, both PC and Mac.

The 150mb update is available via the Software Update feature in your Server Console for the EX490, EX495 and the X510 Data Vault running the 3.0 software.

Alex Kuretz from MediaSmartServer.net had this to say:

The Server Update is easily installed via the HP Software Update feature, and the installer will guide you through the process. At the end, the Server Console will be restarted and you should see the new version in the Status tab. You’ll also notice a Health Notification alerting you that your Clients need to be updated in order to gain the benefit of the new Media Collector fixes.

More details are available from here.

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