VIA NSD-7800 8 bay Review

Missing Remote has a great 7 page review on the VIA NSD-7800 8 bay Windows Home Server.


Specs, looks and performance are all taken a look at. In conclusion reviewer Mike Garcen added:

“…for enthusiasts it would be hard to ask for more.”

You can read it here.

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  1. Todd says:

    I hate to say it, but this review is really lacking. They mention the cpu being kinda slow (no doubt considering the low power consumption of the box), but doesn’t go onto clarify in what way its slow.

    Slow to log into the connector software?

    Slow file transfers?

    Wouldn’t know, none of this was detailed. Since the machine has built in gigabit ethernet, would have been nice to see some benchmarks especially in comparison to the HP units.

    I definitely appreciate all the detailed pictures of the machine (inside and out) and notes about installing WHS on it, but where are the hard benchmark numbers?

    In what way does the Via C7 cpu effect performance?

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