TwonkyMedia Server 5.1 for WHS Available

TwonkyMedia 5.1

TwonkyMedia Server 5.1 has been released mainly to improve performance issues and is also now Windows 7 compliant, but the best news is that there is now a version specially for us Windows Home Server users.

Owners of the HP and Fujitsu WHS retail boxes have had a copy of TwonkyMedia Server as part of the install process and now the rest of us can purchase a copy too.

TwonkyMedia Server is available for $29.95 or €19.95.

You can download the msi installation file here, which you should place into your add-ins directory.

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  2. Douglas says:

    Is version 5.1 newer than what came with the HP MSS EX485? If so, can I download 5.1 and install over the older version and still retain my license?

  3. rothgar says:

    I have the same question as Douglas. Because I already have a HP ex485 does this entitle me to install 5.1 upgrade for free?

  4. mike says:

    ^^ I have the very same question…. I’m going to try it tonight and see what happens.

  5. rothgar says:

    I went ahead and tried installing 5.1 but it didn’t just upgrade the version that HP had installed. Instead it uninstalled and installed the new version and instantly my “trial version has expired”
    I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you know of another work around or you are planning on buying 5.1.
    Good luck.

  6. welchwerks says:

    works for me,

    1st uninstall old versionand remove from add-in folder
    2nd place new version in add in folder and run
    3rd grab a beer
    load control panel wala there it is, no trial or any problems
    as a side note i am using the EX470 with 1.8 cpu upgrade and 2 GB ram upgrade and never 1 problem
    except that i ant the new HP GUI upgrade 2.5 opps i mean i want the HP GUI upgrade for the 495 on my 470,

  7. welchwerks says:

    opps my cpu is a 2.6 orleans upgrade

  8. Yves says:


    I followed your directions but I still require a registration key. Can anyone tell me if I can upgrade twonky 5.1 for free on my ex485 or do I need to pay?


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