Atom Powered Home Build

Another home build but this time with an Atom Processor and all for $190.

Atom Powered Home Build

Listed is the build list and the other additions which the Home Server will be put to, including streaming using Orb and online backup using iDrive.

Read it here.

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  1. subserver ant says:

    Dah, the Atom 330 with dual core, gig lan, very low power comsumption is the ideal mobo for WHS. Expand the 2 sata ports with a low profile PCI to SATA card less than $20. I’m running a 3tb build with a 140 watt Aopen power supply. Going to expand to 5tb, add 2 more 1 tb drives, may need a 220 watt power supply, any thoughts on that??. Also thiking about going virtual if I could add large hard drives to a virtual drive/virtual machine, any thoughts on that??

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