Add-In: BDBB

The  add-in BDBB has been updated to version


Also known as the Windows Home Server Backup Database-Backup, the add-in allows you to easily create and restore a backup of the Backup Database created by the Windows Home Server, which contains the backups of all Client PC’s in the home.

Version is primarily a maintenance release with only bug fixes and the following minor feature changes:

  • Redesigned method of drive detection for better accuracy
  • Really display TrueCrypt encrypted drives (I swear this works now!)
  • Disable Duplication Options for server with single Storage Hard Drive
  • Disallow backup to non-NTFS formatted drives (needed for 4GB files)
  • Properly handle network shares and usernames with spaces
  • Do syntax checking of network path format (\\server\share)
  • Store Readme in Software\Add-Ins share so user can access it
  • Improved error messages, including start and stop times in the Event Viewer Application logs

More information and the download are located here.

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  1. Sync in need says:

    I need an backup-sync-addin for my shared folders!!!
    If WHS is the ultimate MEDIA-server / BACKUP-server … WHY isn’t there a sync tool for the shared folders???
    Let me give you an example:
    – people store photos and rip videos, NOT directly on the server but on a decent desktop because converting videos etc is something you don’t want to do over the network (ie editing the video on the desktop when it’s stored on the server)
    – thus I (and a lot of people) have my 1.1TB with videos, photos, music stored on a desktop and backuped on the WHS … BUT I want the stream everything from the server also which means I put them in the shared folders … right!?
    Here’s the PROBLEM:
    Today the WHS CANNOT?? backup/sync the photos etc. that I every week download to my desktop … WHY!?!?!??

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