20TB Home Server Comprising 17 Hard Drives

One of our hardware reviewers Steve Crick bought to my attention a post from AutomatedHome.com from back in August where they pictured a 20 Terabyte Home Server comprising 17 hard drives.


Wow, that’s a lot, or can you do better?

You can read the details here.

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  1. Phil Harris says:

    LOL! That’s mine! 😀

    What isn’t shown there is the second drive enclosure with a further 15 bays in it – making a possible 27 data drives plus boot and optical drive. I’ve only filled 17 of the data drive bays so far…

    …believe it or not that’s quiet enough to have running in our spare bedroom and I’ve slept in that room with it running away, and although it’s by no means silent it’s not loud enough that it disturbs me sleeping.

    Draws about 286 watts in use (checked using a plug in watt-meter) but definitely keeps the room warmer…


  2. That rig looks awesome, Phil. I wish I had the room for something like that. But just one question: What is the name of the hot swap enclosures you are using? I’ve been looking for something like those…

  3. tomf says:

    This one beats it. But not by much. Better hurry and add another 2 TB drive to keep on top, Phil!

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