Where Did You Go?

You may have noticed that for the last 14 hours or so MSWHS.com hasn’t been here and instead surfers had the following notice displayed:

“This blog has been archived or suspended for violation of our Terms of Service.”

As you can tell we are back and Mark from WordPress.com (our host) has apologised for the trouble caused and assure us that it wont be happening again.

It reminds me that I wish we had a add-in for Home Server so WordPress users could backup up their blogs.

P.S. Thanks to all the fellow MVPs for your help over the last few hours including Andrew Edney for his great work in getting  an RSS backup of our site to me and for spreading the news on his site http://usingwindowshomeserver.com on what was happening. Thanks again guys (and ladies).

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  1. ExMagus says:

    When I saw “This blog has been archived or suspended for violation of our Terms of Service” I kept thinking wth happened?
    Glad you’re back 🙂
    I missed it a couple of days ;-(

  2. JohnCz says:

    Great to see you are back online.

  3. Everton says:

    I’m amazed you’re not self-hosted yet! You really should look into it.

  4. TxDot says:

    What did WordPress think was wrong with the blog?

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