First There was 1 – Now there are 12

As you may have seen on our site we have a link to “Write with Us” and we had a blog post not too long ago asking for writers to share there experiences with Windows Home Server with our readers. We had many replies (over 50) and I would like to say a big welcome to our 12 new guys (and girls) who will be joining us.

First up I would like to introduce the first 4 to you.

Gary Quigley and Steve Crick both from the UK. Gary has been in IT since the 80’s and loves his Home Server. Steve is hot on security and loves his gadgets (believe me he has many!) and both will be heading up the hardware reviews here at mswhs.com

John Wall (known as Bucket23) is from Australia who is a communications engineer during the day and will very shortly be taking us through his home network amongst many other things.

Matthew Glover an IT tech from Derby in the UK will be writing software and add-in reviews for our Home Servers and telling us what’s hot and what’s not.

Keep watch for more information about all of our contributors and their reviews and articles soon.

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