Add-In: WHS Mobile Includes iPhone and iPod Touch Support

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The WHS Mobile add-in has been updated and it now includes an iPhone/iPod Touch client which has most of the features of it’s Windows Mobile counterpart, excluding uploading files (coming soon), image/music previews, and remote computer access.

The only downside is that it requires a jailbroken iPhone.

New features have also been included for Windows Mobile owners, including:

  • Restyled launch screen – Touch friendly + bigger icons.
  • Resizes the home screen depending on screen size or orientation.
  • Remote Desktop forwarder – Forwards the RDP port using UPnP for each client PC if enabled, then accessible by the WM6 remote desktop client. Ports are changed every hour, use the WM client to get the port for a specific PC.
  • Preview mp3’s and images before downloading – mp3 preview is WM6 only.
  • Bigger image thumbnails when thumbnail browsing is toggled (turned on by default).
  • Customizable share and folder icons – Create a folder.jpg file in said share/directory.
  • Location bar – Shows the current location on the server. Can be disabled under Actions.

More information on this release is available from here.

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  1. Douglas Hopkins says:

    With regards to the iPhone WHS add-on/app requiring a jailbroke system, I have a spare iPhone 2G for sale, brand new, never used, etc. This model you can fully jailbreak with no problems using a number of methods. $350. If interested let me know by commenting or otherwise locating me.

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