MediaSmart Server EX47x Owners to get Official 2.5 Update

HP have had a change of heart for owners of the first generation MediaSmart Servers. In a statement issued today HP will now issue the latest software update 2.5 to all owners of the EX and LX series including the EX470 and EX475.

Due to the differences in these servers (platform and processors etc) HP will provide a complete server image DVD which will be available through HP support in the same manner as replacement DVD’s are provided today instead of the traditional download method.

These DVDs will be developed and tested with the EX470 , EX475 and LX195 models but are expected to have hardware limitations and/or trade-offs for the various platforms that will be detailed once the new server DVD’s are available which is scheduled for Fall (Autumn) 2009.

HP added that once they get further along in their development, that they will provide an updated timetable.

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  1. Leslie Murdock says:

    Thank you HP for listening to the users!

  2. John Risney says:

    And just last week—-I ordered my brand spanking new 485 specifically so I could get the new 2.5 features…..!!!

    LOL—-at least I’m glad HP is listening to first generation MSS users….

    I’m sure I will love the 485 anyway…..

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