How to Permanently Stop Internet Explorer 8 From Installing

The great add-in Advanced Admin Console (AAC) breaks when Internet Explorer 8 (ie8) is installed on Windows Home Server, and as of March 2009 ie8 is classed as a Critical Update and is automatically installed onto WHS.

So how do we correct this problem?

First of all AAC will crash when you click on an administrative item in the Advanced Admin Console, so the best way of fixing this is to not install ie8, but if it is already installed then you need to remote desktop into your Windows Home Server and from Start – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs, scroll to the bottom and remove "Windows Internet Explorer 8".

Remove ie8 

During this process it may complain about another ie8 update which will be uninstalled during the process. Just let it continue and restart the server when prompted.

Once this procedure is complete you will need to stop Windows Update from installing it again in the future, this is accomplished by going to Start – All Programs – Windows Update. Your Home Server may want you to install an update to continue, so just let it continue.  On the right hand side click  "Custom" and let it find the ie8 update again but this time unselect the install checkbox, expand the title by clicking the “+” box and select "Don’t show this update again".

Windows Update ie8

Voila – Problem solved – Windows Update will no longer find or install Internet Explorer 8.

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  1. Johan says:

    Strange, I would’ve thought fixing AAC would be a better solution. ;) I’d rather uninstall an add-in than leave my whs server not fully updated.

  2. Owen says:

    Have to agree with Johan…wait for a fix to AAC or remove it.

    Even if you don’t use IE to browse the internet when you’re remoting the server, IE8 still updates underlying libraries that are used by the OS and other applications. These updates plug security holes and exploits.

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  4. JohnCz says:

    Some have reported having success running with AAC version 0.4.3 Maybe the developer should seek community input by posting on his a blog a description of the problem he is encountering, what debugging he has done and different angles he has attempted sofar.

  5. Scott says:

    It’s not just AAC, my HP MediaSmart server completely went dead after installing IE8. I could not get to the Home Server Console any longer. IE8 is utter crap. It also ruined a Vista computer that had to have Windows fully reinstalled.

    I’m trying now, desperately, to get rid of IE 8 then I’m going to turn off automatic updates since my WHS was working just fine the way it was and now it’s not working at all.

  6. DCAADD says:

    Hate this ie8

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