HP MediaSmart Server Video, DVD and iPhone Update Available Now

The MediaSmart Server 2.5 software update is now available from HP for owners of the EX485 and EX487.

The 212MB software package, known as "The HP MediaSmart Server Video, DVD and iPhone Update" can be downloaded from within the console, Settings, HP MediaSmart Server, the HP Update tab and then Check for updates.

MediaSmart Server Update 2.5

Install Wizard

Once installed the newly updated welcome screen within the console has a link to install the updated connector software which you must install on each computer which is connected to your MediaSmart Server.

 HP MediaSmart Server DashBoard 2.5 Welcome Screen

On your desktops the HP MediaSmart Server Control Center now has a new Media Collector Status icon and a Media Streamer icon.

Control Center 2.5   The old Control Center

The new Control Center                The old Control Center

You will also find within the console a new HP Video Converter status tab and settings page which is where you go for the settings and status of your full (original quality) and mobile resolution copies of your videos.

HP Video Converter Status

HP Video Converter Settings

This latest update from HP provides some excellent new features as well as updates to existing features for users of the new generation MediaSmart Servers. What HP are building onto the base Windows Home Server just keeps getting better and better!

More information on the new features, fixes and enhancements is available in the HP MediaSmart Server 2.5 Update Read me.

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  1. John says:

    Do you have a direct download link for the server side update ?

  2. Jorge says:

    Don’t find link and my server does not find the download when click on CHECK FOR UPDATES.

    Any ideas?

  3. lechu says:

    and what about EX470/475? would we be able to obtain such download, or will it be restricted to the new versions? I hope anyone may come out with the direct download link, test it, and let us know if there’s anything that the good old EX470/475 can’t do with it.

  4. John says:

    If your looking for the EX47x SERVER direct download link ;

    The HP EX48x CLIENT download like is;

    I’m looking for the EX48x SERVER update, anyone ?

  5. The 2.5 update is explicitly designed for EX-485/EX-487 models.
    Rumors suggest that HP is working on getting some functionality found on the 2nd gen MSS onto the 1st gen EX-470/EX-475. Let us hope so

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