HP LX195 MediaSmart Server

MediaSmartServer.net has a picture of a HP MediaSmart Server with the model number LX195.


The packaging appears to indicate that the LX195 comes with a single 640GB hard drive, with USB connectivity to allow for duplication.

More details are here.

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  1. JohnCz says:

    Looks like a smart addition to HP’s top notch Windows Home Servers. Although, I do hope they include an e-sata port. It will be interesting to see how they price this.

  2. The Kitty says:

    Hope this isn’t April Fool’s. . .

  3. The Kitty says:

    The HP loko looks funny

  4. The Kitty says:

    The HP logo looks funny

  5. Neo says:

    The HP logo is like any other HP logo, google search HP logo


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