Exclusive: Power Pack 2 Available Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It looks like Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 (PP2) will be available to us all on Tuesday, March 24 (2009).

How do we know this?

Microsoft’s Knowledge Base article KB894199 is updated for administrators every month with the latest changes in content of what is going to be available on Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Windows Update, and Microsoft Update services.

On Thursday the KB article was updated to include information on what will be available; on what is known in the IT industry as the “other patch Tuesday”, which is the forth Tuesday of the Month when Microsoft release non security patches for their products.

Power Pack 2 

The PP2 update (KB956587*), English language version weighing in at 24 meg will be available via Windows/Microsoft Update to all us lucky souls.

*Link not available till Tuesday, March 24 (2009)

UPDATE: The part of KB894199 which talks about WHS PP2 has now been taken out of the article.

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  1. WHS Fan says:

    For those of us running the PP2 beta, do you know if we need to uninstall that in order to get the official version via update?

  2. The Kitty says:

    Ok, what will be in PP2???

  3. Simon Smith says:

    Now appears to have been removed from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/894199

  4. Mike says:

    Maybe iStream comes in PP2? Coincidence they both show up on test pages in the same week? Maybe?

  5. Lyman DeKoquonut says:

    I have about had it with updates that are supposed to show up and don’t. It’s almost as much fun as error codes that mean nothing and link to a page that has no answers. Thanks, Microsoft, for hiring a guy to give errors a code but no solution.

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