Windows Home Server Trial Available for Download

The evaluation version of Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1 was only available on CD/DVD direct from Microsoft, but as from today you can now download a copy direct from Microsoft’s Download Center.

WHS Trial on Download Center

If you are not already, you will need to register at the Windows Home Server Connect site and acquire a product key for the Windows Home Server Evaluation Edition software for the 120 day trial.

You can download a copy from here.

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  1. M says:

    Any news of where we can download an entire version of WHS with PP1, (without having to get a product key)so us WHS owners can create a new CD, in the case of a failure? Something that would work with our old product key.

  2. M, you don’t need to slipstream PP1. Even in the event of a server reinstallation, all you need to do is run Windows Update as soon as you get your server back online. Once PP1 is installed, your old server data should load properly.

    The Home Server team did a good job of making sure updates worked well without needing to slipstream, and they’ve smartly kept to a single disc version because of that.

  3. Paul Sterley says:

    It seem to me that the “free” 120-day evail is not free. You have to pay $6 for shipping, and you have to wait for it to be mailed. Alternatively you can download it, and that’s great – but you don’t get the 120-day key when you download it. You only get 30 days.

    So how does one go about registering for a 120-day key without paying $6 (and more importantly) waiting for a DVD to arrive via snail mail?

  4. suyh says:


  5. jeff tate says:

    Trying with other to get a 120-day eval key, no one is monitoring the connect site. It does not give the key for this eval. My 30 day is up in two days. This should not happen and I will have to download and install again no problem for you all it just a home server.

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