Windows Home Server Saved my Butt

Microsoft’s Community Lead Kevin Beares has written a great account where Windows Home Server complete drive restore saved his butt after his wife’s laptop got infected with a virus from Facebook.

“…Home Server is not just a Network Attached Storage (NAS), it is a full backup and capable of restoring the complete drive, not just the files and directories that are backed up in the cloud by services like Mozy.”

Kevin continues by giving his thanks to the Windows Home Server Product Team for creating such an amazing product.

Although I am a Microsoft MVP for WHS and some would think I am bias; I totally agree with him. Before Home Server I would remind friends and family the importance of backing up on a regular basis and only do so myself at most once a month. If that was the case today I would have lost many important files, photos and emails. I just thank God that when the worse happens and the gremlins strike that my computer can be taken back to the state it was a few hours ago.

My best Christmas present is Windows Home Server. Is it yours?

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  1. This is probably old news to other WHS-heads, but WHS also makes it easy to increase the size of your hard disk, soimething that’s a big pain for most users. I bought a bigger hard drive for my notebook. I did a manual backup, put the new drive in, formatted it and then booted off the WHS restore disk.

    Voila. Very easy.

  2. Toby says:

    I’ve been considering the various options for my home server since my Win XP Shuttle died a death during building works last year. I’ve been monitoring this site for WHS related news/info and pretty much based on that info I’ve decided WHS is for me. I’ve just bought myself a fully loaded 5TB Tranquil Squash for Christmas. So yes, this will probably be the best present for me this year!

    Great job on the site by the way. I find it a great resource. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Boggy4062 says:

    I was saved by WHS when the SP3 installation failed on my laptop, and its “undo feature” when “laa-laa” on me. People who have not experienced the data loss, have no idea what they are in for without having a decent backup strategy. WHS is a BIG step in the right direction. Hopefully the guys from WHS team are busy working on some new features that will make WHS a complete solution .

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