Santa’s Little Helper

If you’ve been good throughout the year then your wishes may had been granted and Santa may have left you a copy of the Windows Home Server software under the tree or if you were really lucky a HP MediaSmart Server or a Tranquil PC.

But hang on, now you have set it up what can you do with it?

We have the answer for you courtesy of all the wonderful resources available to you on the world wide web.

For a quick guide on what Windows Home Server (WHS) can do for you read A guide to Windows Home Server provided by “For Dummies”.

To further enhance your server, add-ins are available which provide additional features or enhance the ones which are already built in. A list of these are available from here and here.

For the latest news on Windows Home Server, dedicated blogs (or weblog’s) are the ideal medium and a list of these are on our side panel under "Blogroll". Four of the most popular are us (MSWHS.com), the official Windows Home Server Team Blog, We Got Served and Home Server Hacks.

If you are stuck and require help then forums are there to help you. The official Microsoft Windows Home Server forums, We Got Served Forums and the MediaSmartServer.net forums which are dedicated to the HP MediaSmart Server units are all there to provide answers.

Other resources which are dedicated to HP MediaSmart Server owners are also available,which are listed here.

Now if after all these links you would rather listen, than read any more, then The Home Server Podcast could be just for you, with it’s weekly format of news, reviews and comment.

And before we go, Microsoft’s Windows Home Server resource has all the details on what it is, with more about it with tips and support.

Now, if their was nothing under your tree related to Windows Home Server it’s properly because you already have one and in that case I’m sure that you have already visited some of these links in the past, and the others can be stored under your “Favorites” for future reference.

Hang on, I can hear some of you saying that you haven’t got Windows Home Server. Well don’t worry because the good news is that you can get a free 120 day trial version delivered for free to your house wherever you live. But the question remains why didn’t Santa deliver one to you?

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