HP MediaSmart Server EX470 for $369.99

How do you fancy a HP MediaSmart Server EX470 for $314.99?


The HP store are having a sale on their $549.99 EX470. There’s a $100 instant rebate specifically for the EX470, a $50 Microsoft Server instant rebate and using coupon code SV2132 a $30 rebate. That’s a total saving of $180, bringing the cost of the EX470 down to $369.99 which also includes free shipping.

You can order from here and if they are out of stock just keep re-checking as new stock always arrives.

Thanks to J. Waire for the info and discount code.

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  1. gadgetaddict says:

    So the final price is $369.99, not $314.99, right?

  2. Kevin says:

    What about the 25% HP cashback from live.com? Do you think that is stackable? Go to live.com and search for hp mediasmart. The search results will show a 25% off HP.com.

  3. J. Waire says:

    It looks like they increased the price on it. I got mine for $314.99 last night. However, I did qualify for the APP program.

    Still a good deal at $369.99.

  4. Bob Crook says:

    Is this a clue that new models are coming? Maybe they’ll have easily upgradeable memory.

  5. Arrrgh.. For pity’s sake, please bring these down under… Between these and the *xx series Touchsmarts, I could replace a whole bunch of disparate computers in the house with two good looking ones… HP Australia was not able (or willing) to give me any indication of if and when these might be available here

  6. bondisdead says:

    I can get the EPP pricing thru my work, and the price is indeed $345 plus (perhaps) the $30 coupon mentioned above. Only problem is they have been out of stock for a few days now. 🙁

  7. Michiel says:

    Does anyone know a shop that sends a HP Mediasmart to The Netherlands??

  8. Jen says:

    I just did the purchase and tried the Live Search Cashback. It looks like the offer did combine with the other 3 coupons. I have an offer of $92.50 pending off the HP purchase. Looks like a pretty sweet deal, thanks all for the tips!

  9. bondisdead says:

    Yup, back in stock! Just placed an order. There have been reports that Live Search Cashback takes away the money when coupons are used. We’ll see if that comes to pass!

  10. Roeland says:

    I don’t know when they are comming to the Netherlands. But you can order them at http://www.amazon.de/ (Germany)

  11. Robert H says:

    Woohoo, got one for $314.99 + tax. The APP pricing applied (my wife is a board director of a local college) as well as the SV2132 coupon code.

  12. Arun says:

    How do I apply the coupon code? I don’t see the option in checkout.

  13. Robert H says:

    “Woohoo, got one for $314.99 + tax. The APP pricing applied (my wife is a board director of a local college) as well as the SV2132 coupon code.”

    In addition, I have $78.75 pending in my Live Search cashback account!

  14. Liv Hinckley says:

    It’s gone from OfficeMax. No price and no search result if you go around.

  15. Dennis Sladek says:

    Just got an email from OfficeMax telling me,
    “HP EX470 Media is discontinued and will no longer be carried by OfficeMax. The inventory has been exhausted in your market area. Regretfully, we have cancelled that item from your order without charge to you. “

  16. Paul York says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure how long the OfficeMax deal lasted, but I jumped on it about 10 minutes after I got the e-mail (like 3AM…late night) and was able to purchase one. By the next morning, it was gone from their site. I received it Friday (SUPER quick, but packed in its off-the-shelf box and left unattended on my front steps–nice lack of care OfficeMax), so it was legit. FWIW, the HP site looks to be back up to $450.

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