Windows Home Server – A Robust Backup Solution

Website Geeks to Do! has a review of Windows Home server which although basic, should be a refresher to those of us in the know.

In conclusion the article states:

…if you have a multi-PC home network, or a home business, this is a robust backup solution. While it can be expensive, the extra features such as remote access and shared folders are added benefits to this choice.

You can read the full article here.

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  1. Mark Ates says:

    I had an interesting discussion with HP regarding their Home Server product. I have the EX475 with (2) 500 Gb drives. HP support is under the impression that when I do a backup of my computers it stores the backup on the system drive ONLY. This can’t be true, can it? I was going to add (2) more 500 Gb drives because I am backing up 8 computers but, gee, if their statement is correct….. why add drives?

  2. Boggy4062 says:

    Well, you are both wrong (partially). If you install WHS Add-on “Disk Management”, it will become very clear to you that:

    1. Yes, client database backup files are not replicated (bit bummer!)
    2. The client database backup files are backed up on the secondary drive , and not the system one. (This relates to EX475 system with 2 drives).

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