WHS Custom Build v Frankenstein Build v HP MediaSmart Server

The home theater news site "Missing Remote" has a comparison of Windows Home Server systems. They compare a home brewed frankenstein build, in a Antec P180B chassis alongside a custom built WHS housed in a Chenbro ES34069 and a HP MediaSmart Server EX475.

Missing Remote

The five page article goes through each configuration with a parts list and pricing details, which you can read here.

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  1. […] aqui en Republica Dominicana por que seria genial tener uno de esos equipos para reemplazar mi frankenstein-whs. Aqui les dejo un video desde TigerTV donde hablan sobres el […]

  2. […] eres de los que tiene un WHS [ frankenstein ] y ese case que usaste para ese Servidor esta limitado en espacio para Discos, ni pienses que todo […]

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