Icy Dock 4-Bay Hard Drive Module Review

Technology review site PCStats has a review of the Icy Dock MB454SPF-B 4-Bay hot swappable Hard Drive Module which can mount up to four 3.5" SATA hard drives.

IcyDock MB454SPF-B

The 4 page review covers the three unit high 5.25" device in detail and concludes that:

Overall PCSTATS has been quite pleased with the the IcyDock MB454SPF-B 4-bay hot swap hard drive module, and certainly recommends it for home work station or even light storage server applications.

Read the full review here.

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  1. tomf says:

    I have the 5-drive version Icy Dock in my home server. it works well but I would prefer if the fan were more interchangable. It has a proprietary snap-in power connector that limits you to the supplied 80mm fan and no screw holes for a different fan.

  2. derekr says:

    I have 2 of the 4-Bay ones, only complaint is the fan’s are quite noisy. You can remove the fan from the casing, but you need a soldering iron to remove from the contacts…may give it a go.

  3. mr-data says:

    I too use the 5-drive version of this device, and I find that it works very well.

    tomf: The fan can be changedm even though it has that propietary power connector. All you need to do, is to cut the wire from the original fan at certain distance from the connector, and solder this piece of wire to the wire of another fan; I have use this method in box, and it has worked without problems for several months now.

  4. Sterling Koch says:

    Hi. I actually contacted ICYDOCK and they replaced the noisy fan in my unit for a quiet one for free. It cost me shipping, but was well worth it as I really like the unit.

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