Give WHS a Home – The Shuttle X27

Shuttle X27

Available from mid-September will be Shuttle’s Atom powered X27 mini desktop. The small PC will start from $189 for just a barebones rig — no chip, memory or hard drive. Fully spec’d with an Atom, you’re looking at $500+ in the emerging Nettop category using Intel’s low power Atom processor and is an ideal home for a DIY Windows Home Server build, although a bit pricey.

With the noise level only reaching 23 decibels and the computer using just 23 watts of power whilst idle and 36 watts while in use, it is very power friendly.

  • Intel 945GC chipset
  • Intel GMA 950 onboard video
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Analog 5.1-channel audio

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  1. CWH says:

    Not too sure – will only take one 2.5 hard drive, and although has two SATA ports, no eSATA and no PCI(e).

  2. Olav says:

    CWH, maybe you can install an adapter to convert the SATA ports to eSATA. In that case, it would be great; otherwise, not.

  3. Keith says:

    There’s an update on this on engadget.

    “Update: We just talked to Shuttle and they told us that $189 is just for a barebones rig — no chip, memory or hard drive. Fully spec’d with an Atom, you’re looking at $500+ — which is ridiculous, since the MSI Wind barebones nettop runs $139 with an Atom chip. Oh well.”

  4. Unreasonable Cost says:

    Philip Churchill needs to change the title here, because
    “the small PC will start from $189” isn’t even correct. No chip, memory or hard drive, and without WHS, makes this a PC?

    How many PC’s are sold without chip, memory, hard drive and operating system claiming to be a PC?

    Very misleading, and to get the thing to work, it’s NOT $189 here, at all. Anyone would need to purchase the additional missing hardware plus install an operating system.

    $500 plus dollars isn’t reasonable here at all! If this is how MSWHS wants to advertise WHS, is it any wonder why sales are so low…

  5. Dave says:

    What figures do you have to back your claim that sales are low? Sources, please.

  6. Keith says:

    @Unreasonable cost: Are you smoking something? Seriously.. Philip Churchill isn’t doing anything more than displaying an ad for a product. Shuttle is the ones making the misleading claims. The ad has nothing to do with this site nor MS WHS. I wish there was an ignore button for comments – I could definitely still sleep at night knowing I would never see another post by you again.

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