FTP Server on Windows Home Server

How about installing an FTP server on Windows Home Server? It has it’s advantages because the web interface limits how many people can upload and download files, where FTP doesn’t have this disadvantage and it also allows synchronization of files between off site computers and WHS as well.

FileZilla FTP Server

Joe DiFiglia, the guy who taught us how to install an email server the other day has also written a tutorial of installing the server version of FileZilla, a free FTP solution onto our Windows Home Server’s, which can be seen here with step by step instructions.

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  1. You can install both an SFTP and SSH using the freeware freeSSHd at http://www.freesshd.com/

    I’ve tried it with my WHS box and it works as advertised!

  2. MitchSchaft says:

    If you don’t mind a pay option, I discovered “Second Copy 7” the other day. It does auto backups of specific files/folders at the time you choose via FTP to your webspace. It installed and works fine on my WHS box. There’s no WHS console addin, though :(.

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