F-Secure Home Server Security 2009 Released

F-Secure Home Server Security 2009

F-Secure’s 2009 consumer lineup was officially launched on the 3rd September (2008) and included Home Server Security 2009. Especially designed for Windows Home Server it protects your server in real time from virus’s, spyware and other forms of malware. Accessible from within the Console it updates automatically keeping Home Server Security 2009 fully protected against new, fast-spreading viruses.

F-Secure state that great emphasis has been placed on keeping the impact that the included automatic scanning has on the performance of your data and processor to a minimum.

One Home Server licence with protection for up to 3 PCs is available for the yearly price of $49.45 is the US, £39.95 in the UK and for €65.90 Euros. If  during the purchase process you close "Your Shopping Cart" web page, a popup will appear offering 10% off the regular price with a link to access it. 

F-Secure Online Wellbeing campaign and Home Server Security 2009 support page.

F-Secure Home Server Security 2009 Console 

More information is available from here, here  and here. Note: This 3rd link offers a link to download a trial version which is currently NOT available.

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  1. Bodog says:

    A correction to your article: you state “One Home Server licence with protection for up to 3 PCs” – that actually is not correct as the product only covers the WHS – http://support.f-secure.com/enu/home/supportissue/fshss2009/general_q02.shtml refers

  2. Michiel says:

    Why must a european pay almost twice as much as an american for the same product????

    65,90 euro = 93,89 dollar !!!
    49,45 dollar = 34,71 euro!!!

    I would pay 35 euro but 93 euro is really to much!

    Can someone please explane this?

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