Add-In: TV Manager 1.0.1

Add-In TV Manager has been updated to version 1.0.1. The add-in moves your Media Center recordings to your server for storage and management. You can also watch the recordings from the TV Manager Web Interface to non-MC PCs over your local and Internet connection.

New in v1.0.1 is the ability to have TV Manager notify selected email addresses when a new recording for select shows are available for viewing. The recording is then quickly readied in the case you wish to view the recording out of the house using the new web interface.

Changes since 1.0

  • Added Single-sign-on for Web Interface
  • Created Web Interface
  • Fixed Ghost Recording Bug
  • Removed Console Tab
  • Added Email Notifications
  • Removed ComSkip — Had too many problems and people didn’t understand "Experimental"
  • Fixed Move Errors
  • Changed Air Date to the date recorded.
  • Allowed Client install on Non-MC PCs.

The download and a 12 page PDF document is available from the developers site, Brent’s Blog.

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