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If your Windows Home Server is not made by HP then you have the boring plain "Shared Folders on Server" icon on the desktop. But how would you like to change it to the one that HP MediaSmart Server owners have, a picture of the MediaSmart Server itself. If you do, then your in luck because blogger Taimur Asad of redmondpie.com has packaged up the .ICO and .PNG versions of the icon into a zip package.

Once downloaded unzip and right-click on the "Shared Folders on Server" icon on the desktop and click "Properties". Click on the "Shortcut" tab and then the "Change Icon…" button. Click the "Browse…" button next to "Look for icons in this file" and navigate to the location where you unzipped the icon package you downloaded. The file you are after is "HP MediaSmart Server.ico". Once this is located you can click Open, OK and OK again to navigate out of all the open boxes.

WHS Icon Before and after

Hey presto. A smarter, better looking Home server desktop icon.

The download package can be downloaded from here.

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  1. David says:

    Just to clarify, I have a whs made by HP and I have the “boring” Shared Folders on Server icon as well. My HP install creates both the plain “Shared Folder on Server” icon and the “HP MediaSmart Server” icon that takes you to the HP control center. Only the latter has the HP icon.

  2. Tim Barrett says:

    Thanks for this icon Philip. You guys always have the coolest stuff! 🙂 -Tim

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